Last War

Once, the great kingdom of Galifar stretched across the continent of Khorvaire, providing the stability needed for peace and prosperity to reign over the land. That all changed when the last king of Galifar, Jarot, died in 894 YK. His children, the lords of the Five Nations that comprised the kingdom, decided to break with tradition and throw off the rules of succession. Instead of a smooth transition of power to the eldest scion, the five lords each sought to take control of the kingdom. This led to the terrible, century-long conflict known as the Last War.

Over the course of the last hundred years, the character of each of the Five Nations changed and developed. Today, while each of the Five Nations obviously has its roots in the great kingdom of Galifar, each has grown into a separate nation with a character and outlook all its own.

During the war, alliances formed and were broken countless times. At some point during the century, each of the Five Nations fought side by side or against each other—and in many cases these patterns were reversed time and time again as the conflict progressed.

Now, though the Last War has ended and the Treaty of Thronehold promotes peace across the land, conflict continues to bubble below the surface of everyday life. Within the Five Nations, words of peace fill the air and hands of friendship extend across the borders even as various power groups secretly engage in endless intrigue and espionage, and those touched by the war struggle with mixed emotions of hatred, loss, relief, and revenge.

The Last War is over, but the current peace is nothing more than a prelude to the war to come. The Treaty of Thronehold didn’t do enough to address the abundance of grievances, slights, pain, and fundamental disagreements that developed or were compounded during the century of war. The kingdom of Galifar was born in war, and it died in war. During this calm, the Five Nations work to gain every advantage so that, individually at least, they can weather the coming storm.

Last War

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