Character Creation

Starting Character Level

Your character will start at level 11. That’s right, time to crack into the Paragon Tier, so have a Paragon Path in mind.

Character Race

Characters may belong to any of the playable races detailed in the Player’s Handbook, or listed in the approved sources.

Please look for Eberron-specific races such as Kalshtar, Shifters or Warforged.

Character Classes

Characters may belong to any of the basic classes detailed in the Player’s Handbook, or found in the list of approved sources.

Ability Scores

To generate Ability Scores, you may use Method 1 or Method 2 as detailed on page 17 of the 4e Player’s Handbook.


I generally don’t care about what you name your character, and hesitate to make “rules” about it, but please make your character’s name campaign appropriate.


Players may not be Evil or Chaotic Evil. That means you, Dave. ;)


To be determined. At this point, you are in prison and have no possessions. You are dressed only in rags.


This is required. I don’t care if you write one paragraph or 87 pages (please don’t, Mike) but I want to know that you know where your character comes from. And yes, I will read them.

Don’t forget to take a look at Character Backgrounds section in the Eberron Player’s Guide. You can choose as many background elements as you wish, but most character backgrounds incorporate three categories.

I’ll probably be inclined to give bonuses and extra favors to those with well-developed stories or that include other player’s characters (with their knowledge and consent, of course).

Character Creation

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