Eberron Adventures

Episode 15: A Handful of Dust

In which our heroes complete one bargain and embark on a new quest.

Victorious against the forces of Bel Shalor, the heroes return from the shadow realm of Deadhold to the cold comfort of the drow city Phaervorul. Faced once more with Lareen the vampire priestess, they fought until she saw that she couldn’t win and fled the field to live another day. Now they were free to seek out Nolav and return the Nightbringer.

Though still under siege, the defenders were striking back against the undead invaders, and the attackers seemed to be dwindling thanks to the heroes’ actions. Sneaking through the decimated city wasn’t easy, but the heroes knew the layout now and were able to avoid any further entanglements.

With the help of their new magic-user Omen, the company soon found themselves at the familiar door of Nolav’s shelter. Greeted by the lich’s sword wraith, the group initially feared there would be trouble, but soon their undead ally appeared and confirmed they were once again welcome in his home.

A moment of tension appeared to surface when it was finally time for Armus to hand over the Nightbringer blade, but the human fighter passed the test with honor and courage — giving up the Nightbringer of your own free will is no small task.

Nolav the lich was so impressed, in fact, that in addition to fulfilling his end of the bargain — telling the adventurers where they could find a portal out of Khyber — he granted them each a boon. Among the many things they received was a huge astral map, that appears to plot the locations of known portals throughout Eberron and Siberys. With this map, the heroes could potentially find themselves ANYwhere they wanted.

Armus also learned more of the fate of his former companions. His beloved Jess is safe “in the skies above Khorvaire” (and not alone!), and Aurann has been recaptured and once again bound in the hated Dreadhold prison in the Lhazaar Principalities.

Now they venture once more into Phaervorul, to finally face down the Demon Queen, Matron Urlvrain in her palace of spiders and darkness.



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