Eberron Adventures

Episode 14: Deliverance

In which our heroes confront the face of true evil.

The battle against the twin Zirithians went well for the heroes, as they discovered that one of the identical vampire lords was a shape-changer… a rakshasa, to be exact. And this fiend seemed to know Nisroc on sight!

Just dropping the fiend would not be enough, so it was left to the newly revived Gareth to decapitate the foul beast.

Once his minions were slaughtered, Zirithian saw his own fate was sealed. Though he tried to flee, his dark master would not have an exarch that ever showed such cowardice.

At that moment, when Zirithian seemed about to escape, an avatar of Bel Shalor himself, the dark god of undeath and the underworld appeared within the Black Ziggurat. Though locked away deep within Khyber, Bel Shalor has grown powerful enough to exert some influence and enough strength to manifest a physical presence in this dark realm. With a single flick of the dark lord’s finger, the exarch-to-be Zirithian was instantly destroyed.

Then the heroes were faced with a grave decision… Give the blade known as Nightbringer to Bel Shalor and achieve his favor, or stab the blade into his eye and earn his undying wrath.

Because of their nature, it really was no choice at all… Remembering the warning of The Keeper, they instantly seized the dark blade and plunged it into the flaming eye of Bel Shalor, dismissing the apparition and inscribing their names on the list of hated enemies of the undead god.

With the temple now crumbling behind them, they were instantly transported back to The Keeper in the sands of the barrent desert of Deadhold. This strange ally allowed them to rest and thanked them for their bravery in the face of such evil.



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