Eberron Adventures

Episode 13: Never Let Me Go

In which our heroes rescue a friend from the clutches of Death and face an old enemy.

Through a costly but effective ritual, Gyldra the hag brought life back to Gareth’s body — but he had experienced an epiphany while in the realm between the living and the dead! He had received a sign that he believed pointed to the whereabouts of his long lost father.

Now summoning all their courage, they faced the Black Gate at the entrance to Bel Shalor’s ziggurat. Just entering the unholy site was an ordeal in and of itself, let alone the tests they would have to pass to conquer the exarch Zirithian.

The battle seemed to be going well, when they discovered they were fighting not one but TWO beings that BOTH looked like Zirithian! Through a desperate fight, they struggled valiantly against the seemingly twin exarchs of Bel Shalor.



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