Eberron Adventures

Episode 12: A Death in the Family

In which our heroes learn that cheating death comes at a high cost.

Further into the demi-plane of Shadowhold, the players find that everything here is against them, and that they’ll have to carve out their own place if they want to survive. After completing the arduous journey through the trackless desert and into the city of Deadhold, they realize that this is the land of undead. In fact, this could be the staging point for several undead invasions across Eberron, not just the one led by Zirithian. Could Karrnath have tapped into these resources to bolster its armies in the Last War?

Moving across the Bridge of Bones and into the city proper, the PCs face several challenges, not the least of which is figuring out who is immediately hostile and who can be negotiated with. Their enemies included the guardians of the bridge itself, the gatekeepers, and the garrison stationed at the watchtower. They’ve made allies (of a sort), killing most of the denizens they’ve encountered, but one particular challenge proved to be too much.

At the courtyard of the ziggurat, the PCs faced off against two giant mummies and their dread knight commander. Though they fought valiantly, Gareth fell before the undead forces.

Not believing that death is the final word, the heroes quickly took his body to Gyldra the hag, where she exacted a heavy price for resurrecting the changeling.


“No price is too heavy for the return of Gareth.” Omen mutters to himself. “It is plain to see that without him we would not be able to survive”

Episode 12: A Death in the Family

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