Eberron Adventures

Episode 11: A Handful of Dust

In which our heroes meet a strange ally and enter a dead city.

So… When last we left our intrepid heroes, there were licking their wounds after a not-so-successful encounter with Lareen, the drow vampire priestess.

It’s been a while, but now the players and the PCs are back and refocused, so they decide to finally do something about being pushed around in Phaervorul.

Before they can even make positive steps, however, it appears that Aurann Ellanesse has been abducted by the dwarves from Dreadhold! Could they have followed the party down in to Khyber? Are they that relentless? Are they able to track in the Underdark? Only time will tell, but it appears that their former captors are not content to leave them alone.

As a first step, the PCs decide to show the residents of Phaervorul, that they are no longer willing to be pawns—so they find and kill Zaknoril. Bringing his head to Lareen, the PCs manage to show their strength and parley with the vampire priestess, and with Rizzenil’s sacrifice, they enter the portal to the realm where (hopefully) their Avenger companion can rejoin them.

Now the PCs have entered the far Shadowrealm, passed the initial test of the Keeper, and are making their way into the city of Deadhold, home to Zirithian’s dark palace, and a million restless dead.



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