Eberron Adventures

Episode 15: A Handful of Dust
In which our heroes complete one bargain and embark on a new quest.

Victorious against the forces of Bel Shalor, the heroes return from the shadow realm of Deadhold to the cold comfort of the drow city Phaervorul. Faced once more with Lareen the vampire priestess, they fought until she saw that she couldn’t win and fled the field to live another day. Now they were free to seek out Nolav and return the Nightbringer.

Though still under siege, the defenders were striking back against the undead invaders, and the attackers seemed to be dwindling thanks to the heroes’ actions. Sneaking through the decimated city wasn’t easy, but the heroes knew the layout now and were able to avoid any further entanglements.

With the help of their new magic-user Omen, the company soon found themselves at the familiar door of Nolav’s shelter. Greeted by the lich’s sword wraith, the group initially feared there would be trouble, but soon their undead ally appeared and confirmed they were once again welcome in his home.

A moment of tension appeared to surface when it was finally time for Armus to hand over the Nightbringer blade, but the human fighter passed the test with honor and courage — giving up the Nightbringer of your own free will is no small task.

Nolav the lich was so impressed, in fact, that in addition to fulfilling his end of the bargain — telling the adventurers where they could find a portal out of Khyber — he granted them each a boon. Among the many things they received was a huge astral map, that appears to plot the locations of known portals throughout Eberron and Siberys. With this map, the heroes could potentially find themselves ANYwhere they wanted.

Armus also learned more of the fate of his former companions. His beloved Jess is safe “in the skies above Khorvaire” (and not alone!), and Aurann has been recaptured and once again bound in the hated Dreadhold prison in the Lhazaar Principalities.

Now they venture once more into Phaervorul, to finally face down the Demon Queen, Matron Urlvrain in her palace of spiders and darkness.

Episode 14: Deliverance
In which our heroes confront the face of true evil.

The battle against the twin Zirithians went well for the heroes, as they discovered that one of the identical vampire lords was a shape-changer… a rakshasa, to be exact. And this fiend seemed to know Nisroc on sight!

Just dropping the fiend would not be enough, so it was left to the newly revived Gareth to decapitate the foul beast.

Once his minions were slaughtered, Zirithian saw his own fate was sealed. Though he tried to flee, his dark master would not have an exarch that ever showed such cowardice.

At that moment, when Zirithian seemed about to escape, an avatar of Bel Shalor himself, the dark god of undeath and the underworld appeared within the Black Ziggurat. Though locked away deep within Khyber, Bel Shalor has grown powerful enough to exert some influence and enough strength to manifest a physical presence in this dark realm. With a single flick of the dark lord’s finger, the exarch-to-be Zirithian was instantly destroyed.

Then the heroes were faced with a grave decision… Give the blade known as Nightbringer to Bel Shalor and achieve his favor, or stab the blade into his eye and earn his undying wrath.

Because of their nature, it really was no choice at all… Remembering the warning of The Keeper, they instantly seized the dark blade and plunged it into the flaming eye of Bel Shalor, dismissing the apparition and inscribing their names on the list of hated enemies of the undead god.

With the temple now crumbling behind them, they were instantly transported back to The Keeper in the sands of the barrent desert of Deadhold. This strange ally allowed them to rest and thanked them for their bravery in the face of such evil.

Episode 13: Never Let Me Go
In which our heroes rescue a friend from the clutches of Death and face an old enemy.

Through a costly but effective ritual, Gyldra the hag brought life back to Gareth’s body — but he had experienced an epiphany while in the realm between the living and the dead! He had received a sign that he believed pointed to the whereabouts of his long lost father.

Now summoning all their courage, they faced the Black Gate at the entrance to Bel Shalor’s ziggurat. Just entering the unholy site was an ordeal in and of itself, let alone the tests they would have to pass to conquer the exarch Zirithian.

The battle seemed to be going well, when they discovered they were fighting not one but TWO beings that BOTH looked like Zirithian! Through a desperate fight, they struggled valiantly against the seemingly twin exarchs of Bel Shalor.

Episode 12: A Death in the Family
In which our heroes learn that cheating death comes at a high cost.

Further into the demi-plane of Shadowhold, the players find that everything here is against them, and that they’ll have to carve out their own place if they want to survive. After completing the arduous journey through the trackless desert and into the city of Deadhold, they realize that this is the land of undead. In fact, this could be the staging point for several undead invasions across Eberron, not just the one led by Zirithian. Could Karrnath have tapped into these resources to bolster its armies in the Last War?

Moving across the Bridge of Bones and into the city proper, the PCs face several challenges, not the least of which is figuring out who is immediately hostile and who can be negotiated with. Their enemies included the guardians of the bridge itself, the gatekeepers, and the garrison stationed at the watchtower. They’ve made allies (of a sort), killing most of the denizens they’ve encountered, but one particular challenge proved to be too much.

At the courtyard of the ziggurat, the PCs faced off against two giant mummies and their dread knight commander. Though they fought valiantly, Gareth fell before the undead forces.

Not believing that death is the final word, the heroes quickly took his body to Gyldra the hag, where she exacted a heavy price for resurrecting the changeling.

Episode 11: A Handful of Dust
In which our heroes meet a strange ally and enter a dead city.

So… When last we left our intrepid heroes, there were licking their wounds after a not-so-successful encounter with Lareen, the drow vampire priestess.

It’s been a while, but now the players and the PCs are back and refocused, so they decide to finally do something about being pushed around in Phaervorul.

Before they can even make positive steps, however, it appears that Aurann Ellanesse has been abducted by the dwarves from Dreadhold! Could they have followed the party down in to Khyber? Are they that relentless? Are they able to track in the Underdark? Only time will tell, but it appears that their former captors are not content to leave them alone.

As a first step, the PCs decide to show the residents of Phaervorul, that they are no longer willing to be pawns—so they find and kill Zaknoril. Bringing his head to Lareen, the PCs manage to show their strength and parley with the vampire priestess, and with Rizzenil’s sacrifice, they enter the portal to the realm where (hopefully) their Avenger companion can rejoin them.

Now the PCs have entered the far Shadowrealm, passed the initial test of the Keeper, and are making their way into the city of Deadhold, home to Zirithian’s dark palace, and a million restless dead.

Episode 10: Things Fall Apart
In which our heroes lose a companion and meet a foe they cannot defeat...

On their way now to slay Lareen, the heroes’ next stop finds them in battle with an immolith and a giant husk spider, both protected and empowered by a huge statue of Bel Shalor, the Shadow in the Flame.

This has long-reaching ramifications that the heroes have yet to fully realize. If there are forces in Khyber that seek to unleash such a force as Bel Shalor, they could be dealing with something far more sinister than they had guessed. The heroes destroy the statue and kill the husk spider – but at a bitter cost: the silent Avenger who had traveled and fought with them thus far is pulled into the statue itself (along with the immolith) and vanish from this plane of existence!

Seeking information and trying to advance their goals, they heroes reluctantly set forth to destroy Lareen and gain an audience with Queen Urlvrain. However, the commander Zaknoril failed to mention that the former wizard Lareen is also a vampire priestess herself! Fighting overwhelming odds and without one of their most effective combatants, the team has no choice but to parley with Lareen and seek to barter yet another deal.

Agreeing hesitantly, Lareen demands the head of the commander Zaknoril as proof of their allegiance with Zirithian. In return, she will stay her hand and let them live another day.

Truly, the heroes have worked themselves into quite a predicament. Currently holed up in the ruins where they fought the immolith, the team seeks to lock themselves in for a bit, rest up, regroup, and try to forge a new plan in this deep sea of back-stabbing politics that is second nature to the dark elves of Khyber.

The question remains now: What do they do?

Episode 9: The Sound and the Fury
In which our heroes stalk their way through the drow city...

Having battled across the Bridge Perilous and arrived at the foot of the massive city of Phaervorul, they have have found a city in dire straights. Rioting and looting are rampant, and fires and battles still rage throughout the central area of the town.

Opting for a calmer, but longer route, the heroes first meet Zaknoril, the commander-in-chief of what remains of Matron Urlvrain’s drow army. Seeing the heroes as powerful pawns, he opts to use them in his attempted coup to usurp power from the embattled Matron Urlvrain. Making another deal, the heroes agree to kill Matron Urlvrain for Zaknoril, that he might take the throne of Phaervorul for himself.

In order to secure an audience with the Demon Queen Urlvrain, Zaknoril aims the heroes’ swords at the wizard Lareen, once an advisor to Urlvrain, but now a traitor and lieutenant to the vampire lord Zirithian. Recognizing an opportunity to both get in good graces with the Queen and strike a blow against Zirithian to weaken him for later, the heroes agree to slay Lareen and bring her head as a token of good will to the Demon Queen that she might parley with them – and allow the heroes to slay her when her guard is down. Sound familiar?

Episode 8: The Heart of the Matter
In which our heroes stumble upon a drow city under siege...

The heroes’ first meeting with the drow in Khyber was actually quite auspicious. Happening upon the sanctum of Nolav the Wizard-Lich, they managed to parley with the ancient magic user and gain a little information on the nearby town of Phaervorul.

Once a prosperous bazaar, the city of Phaervorul now lies under siege from an undead invasion, led by Zirithian, the vampire that contacted the heroes through their dreams. Nolav has been monitoring events in Phaervorul for some time now, and is both aware and indifferent to the machinations of the vampire lord Zirithian and the besieged Demon Queen Matron Urlvrain.

The heroes make a bargain with Nolav for the one thing he does want—Nightbringer, the cursed sword of Zirithian. In exchange, the powerful lich removes the Mark of Justice from both Aurann and Kallen, and even allows Aurann to make a copy of the ritual Remove Affliction for later use.

Now they tread forward into the heart of Phaervorul, to track down Matron Urlvrain, hoping that killing her will allow them to be in Zirithian’s presence once more with his guard down so that they may strike at their true target – the vampire lord – and claim his sword for their own.

Episode 7: Lord of the Flies
In which our heroes learn of another power in Khyber...

Moving through Khyber, the group happened upon an old fortress, now in ruins. At first believing the ruins to be inhabited, they crept quietly up on the motionless forms surrounding the walls. As they grew closer, they realized that the forms were too still, their flesh having been transformed into stone.

The medusae were dispatched along with their basilisk pets, and the team soon managed to reverse the petrification of warriors frozen for centuries. After explaining their situation and updating the recently awakened adventurers, the team settled in to the ruins for an extended rest.

Not long after, the party was visited by a dream. Zirithian, the Vampire Lord of Phaervorul summoned them to his chambers to test their mettle. After displaying their arrogance and skill, the vampire drow determined that they would be strong enough to fight the Demon Queen of the Drow, and that he would lead them to her palace.

Episode 6: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
In which our heroes fight for their freedom.

The heroes finally manage to move out into Khyber, but have to find their way. Through a long series of endurance tests and navigational errors, the team finally happens upon an old dwarven mine, though the way up appears to be blocked.


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