Lords of Dust

Many cabals and conspiracies scheme in the shadows of Eberron, but one force stands above them all — the remnants of a power that ruled the world before humanity existed. Their fortresses and cities have been swept away by the passage of time, and the greatest of them have been bound in the farthest depths of Khyber. Still, some remain, and they have devoted their immortal lives to the pursuit of vengeance. The Prophecy is their battleground — nations and cults are simply pawns in this greatest of games. These villains are the Lords of Dust, the ancient demons of Eberron.

Lore of the Lords of Dust

History DC 20: The Age of Demons is the first era in Eberron’s history. Khyber spawned a host of fiends that dominated the world for hundreds of thousands of years. Eventually, the mightiest demons were bound in the depths of Khyber. Most of their fiendish followers were also bound, but some scattered to the Demon Wastes, the caverns of Khyber, and other dark places.

History DC 30: Chief among the fiends who escaped imprisonment were the rakshasas; they had close ties to Eberron and could not easily be pushed into Khyber. These and other demons drawn from Khyber serve the interests of their fearsome overlords, and are known as the Lords of Dust.

Information about a specific Lord of Dust is usually obtained through an Arcana check.

The lore of the Church of the Silver Flame also relates to the Lords of Dust, since the faith was born from a battle against one of the fiendish overlords.

Lords of Dust

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