Elemental Airships

Over the last decade, House Cannith and House Orien have developed flying vessels that use boud elemntals as a motive force. An airship is a large craft, similar to a sailing ship, long and shallow, surrounded by a Huge fire elemental bound into the form of a fiery ring. The bound elemental propels the ship, a crew of 15 (minimum), and up to 30 tons of cargo.

House Lyrandar with their Mark of Storm operates elemental flying vessels (typically utilizing bound air or fire elementals) to make rapid air travel possible across Khorvaire. Built in Zilargo, these vessels can sometimes be found in privateer hands, but the pilots of House Lyrandar are renowned for their skill and expertise. Double the cost given on the Goods and Services table (page 121) for passengers or creatures larger than Medium, creatures that are otherwise difficult to bring aboard a ship, or passengers with excessive baggage.

Airships have the advantage of being able to go anywhere – provided the pilot and crew are willing to make the trip. Travel to a dangerous locale, if the crew agrees, can easily double or triple the cost. Most Lyrandar vessels only fly between metropolises and large cities outfitted with landing ports designed for them. To go elsewhere by air, you need to find a privateer. Since they are relatively new, airships have not come into widespread use yet.

An airship powered by an elemental can maintain a speed of 20 miles per hour through the sky.

Elemental Airships

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