Eldeen Reaches

The Eldeen Reaches are covered by heavy forest, though some cities have formed around the borders of Breland and Aundair.


The Eldeen Reaches are bordered by Lake Galifar and The Wynarn River in the east, Silver Lake in the south, Byeshk Mountains in the southwest, Shadowcrag Mountains and Ice Horn Mountains in the northwest and Eldeen Bay in the northeast. The Demon Wastes border the northwest, Aundair on the eastern border, Breland on the southeast, and Droaam and The Shadow Marches to the southwest. Though the Lightning Rail does not pass through the Eldeen Reaches, House Orien roadways pass through the lower southeast of the nation, around Lake Galifar.

Power Groups

Cities and Settlements

  • Alvirad
  • Cree
  • Delethorn
  • Erlaskar
  • Greenblade
  • Greenheart
  • Havenglen
  • Merylsward
  • Mossmantle
  • Neirn
  • Owl’s Perch
  • Redleaf
  • Riverweep
  • Sylbaran
  • Varna
  • Wolf’s Paw

Other Notable Features

  • Byeshk Mountains
  • Icehorn Mountains
  • Lake Galifar
  • Shadowcrags
  • Silver Lake
  • The Gloaming
  • The Guardian Trees
  • The Towering Wood
  • The Twilight Demesne
  • Wynarn River

Eldeen Reaches

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