Less than 30 years ago, the armies of the hobgoblin warlord Haruuc turned on the people of Cyre and founded the nation of Darguun. All of Khorvaire bears scars from the Last War, but these wounds run particularly deep in Darguun. Every lowland village is built on the bones of a Cyran settlement, and while new construction drives the growing cities of the Ghaal’dar, the ruins of a dead land are the foundation of this ramshackle nation.

Lore of Darguun

During the Last War, House Deneith began to recruit vast numbers of goblins from the southwestern borderlands of Cyre. Three decades ago, those mercenaries turned on their masters and seized their homelands from Cyre, claiming them as the nation of Darguun. Those Cyrans not driven north were enslaved or killed. In 996 YK, the nation was formally recognized under the Treaty of Thronehold.

Power Groups

The Ghaal’dar | The Marguul | The Heirs of Dhakaan | House Deneith | House Tharashk

Settlements & Features

Gorgonhorn | Rhukaan Draal | Shae Joridal | Volaar Draal | Wyvernskull


The nation is almost unique in Eberron that it practices slavery, against the Code of Galifar. Slaves are treated as chattel in this land with no rights and an ever present need for more to be delivered or captured. The land is currently united by the warlord Lhesh Haruuc but expected to explode into violence with the death of its current warchief.


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