Eberron Adventures

Welcome to the Eberron Adventure Log!
A blog for the 4e Eberron campaign

The Story So Far…

The world of Eberron is a dark place. Though the heroes remember their adventures to the astral plane fighting Vlaakith CLVII the githyanki Lich Queen, they do so only as one remembers a fond dream or a distant memory. Their actions to save Eberron resulted in a radical reformation, and their subsequent traveling through the timestream, back to prevent the cataclysm that would consume the entirety of the material plane was a success—though contained as it was to the physical location of what was once Cyre. Ultimately responsible for the Day of Mourning and the horrible transformation of the Mournland, the heroes know that without their efforts, the results would have been much, much worse.

Now they have been reborn in time, able to avoid the fate that made them pawns of the mad Nymmbrixion, and perhaps now they will be able to stop the destruction of their world once more.



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