Eberron Adventures

Episode 9: The Sound and the Fury

In which our heroes stalk their way through the drow city...

Having battled across the Bridge Perilous and arrived at the foot of the massive city of Phaervorul, they have have found a city in dire straights. Rioting and looting are rampant, and fires and battles still rage throughout the central area of the town.

Opting for a calmer, but longer route, the heroes first meet Zaknoril, the commander-in-chief of what remains of Matron Urlvrain’s drow army. Seeing the heroes as powerful pawns, he opts to use them in his attempted coup to usurp power from the embattled Matron Urlvrain. Making another deal, the heroes agree to kill Matron Urlvrain for Zaknoril, that he might take the throne of Phaervorul for himself.

In order to secure an audience with the Demon Queen Urlvrain, Zaknoril aims the heroes’ swords at the wizard Lareen, once an advisor to Urlvrain, but now a traitor and lieutenant to the vampire lord Zirithian. Recognizing an opportunity to both get in good graces with the Queen and strike a blow against Zirithian to weaken him for later, the heroes agree to slay Lareen and bring her head as a token of good will to the Demon Queen that she might parley with them – and allow the heroes to slay her when her guard is down. Sound familiar?



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