Eberron Adventures

Episode 8: The Heart of the Matter

In which our heroes stumble upon a drow city under siege...

The heroes’ first meeting with the drow in Khyber was actually quite auspicious. Happening upon the sanctum of Nolav the Wizard-Lich, they managed to parley with the ancient magic user and gain a little information on the nearby town of Phaervorul.

Once a prosperous bazaar, the city of Phaervorul now lies under siege from an undead invasion, led by Zirithian, the vampire that contacted the heroes through their dreams. Nolav has been monitoring events in Phaervorul for some time now, and is both aware and indifferent to the machinations of the vampire lord Zirithian and the besieged Demon Queen Matron Urlvrain.

The heroes make a bargain with Nolav for the one thing he does want—Nightbringer, the cursed sword of Zirithian. In exchange, the powerful lich removes the Mark of Justice from both Aurann and Kallen, and even allows Aurann to make a copy of the ritual Remove Affliction for later use.

Now they tread forward into the heart of Phaervorul, to track down Matron Urlvrain, hoping that killing her will allow them to be in Zirithian’s presence once more with his guard down so that they may strike at their true target – the vampire lord – and claim his sword for their own.



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