Eberron Adventures

Episode 10: Things Fall Apart

In which our heroes lose a companion and meet a foe they cannot defeat...

On their way now to slay Lareen, the heroes’ next stop finds them in battle with an immolith and a giant husk spider, both protected and empowered by a huge statue of Bel Shalor, the Shadow in the Flame.

This has long-reaching ramifications that the heroes have yet to fully realize. If there are forces in Khyber that seek to unleash such a force as Bel Shalor, they could be dealing with something far more sinister than they had guessed. The heroes destroy the statue and kill the husk spider – but at a bitter cost: the silent Avenger who had traveled and fought with them thus far is pulled into the statue itself (along with the immolith) and vanish from this plane of existence!

Seeking information and trying to advance their goals, they heroes reluctantly set forth to destroy Lareen and gain an audience with Queen Urlvrain. However, the commander Zaknoril failed to mention that the former wizard Lareen is also a vampire priestess herself! Fighting overwhelming odds and without one of their most effective combatants, the team has no choice but to parley with Lareen and seek to barter yet another deal.

Agreeing hesitantly, Lareen demands the head of the commander Zaknoril as proof of their allegiance with Zirithian. In return, she will stay her hand and let them live another day.

Truly, the heroes have worked themselves into quite a predicament. Currently holed up in the ruins where they fought the immolith, the team seeks to lock themselves in for a bit, rest up, regroup, and try to forge a new plan in this deep sea of back-stabbing politics that is second nature to the dark elves of Khyber.

The question remains now: What do they do?



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